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The Royal Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy is hosting the Europlanet Society. In particular the Planetary Atmospheres research group is fully supporting the activities held within the Society as well as those of the Benelux Regional Hub.

Planetary Aeronomy

Aeronomy concerns the study of the atmosphere i.e., all atmospheres, terrestrial as well as… “extraterrestrial”, like the atmospheres around comets or other planets from the solar system in which similar phenomena we already know on Earth, may occur.

Extra terrestrial atmospheres can provide us with precious information about our own atmosphere, its history, its future and even about the origins of life on Earth!

Mars Earth Venus
Mars, Earth & Venus (Image credits: NASA/ESA)

Within our solar system only two planets other than the Earth have atmospheres over a rocky core – Mars and Venus. Titan (one of the moons of Saturn) also has an atmosphere. These pages will focus on the study of the atmospheres of Mars and Venus.

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