Venus is an inner, or telluric, planet; the second from the Sun. It is the third brightest object in the sky, after the Sun and the Moon. It is of similar size to the Earth and, according to observations, does not have a magnetic field. Venus rotates very slowly in a retrograde direction. The surface temperature is 470°C, due to an extreme greenhouse effect. The planet is completely surrounded by clouds composed of sulphuric acid.


Venus, Earth’s twin sister?
Venus has long been considered Earth’s twin sister.
  Venus, backwards rotation and orbital period
Venus rotates around the sun in an elliptic orbit that is the most circular of any of the planets.
  Venus atmosphere, discovery history
During the observation of the transit of Venus of 1761, the astronomer M. V. Lomonosov reported the presence of a halo around Venus.
  Venus, water evaporation and greenhouse effect
Just like the Earth, Venus used to have large amounts of water. In fact, this water came from volcanism. However, it has been completely evaporated...
Venus clouds, composition and observation
In the 1960’s Venus’ clouds were first studied by spectroscopy and polarization
  Venus, super rotation of the cloud layer
Venus is dominated by the rapid rotation of the zone centred on the cloud layer, which rotates in 4 Earth days, much faster than the planet, whose rotation period is 243 days. Both rotations are in a retrograde direction.
  Acid rain on Venus evaporates
it should be noted that the frequent sulphuric acid rain showers on Venus never reach the surface of the planet.
  Volcanoes on Venus, distribution and size
Venus was very volcanically active 200 to 500 million years ago.
  Venus surface, fairly flat but varied terrain
The only way to penetrate Venus’ cloud layer is with radar, bouncing it back off the surface from an orbiting probe or even from the Earth.
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