Planetary Atmospheres Group

2012 - 2014

SIROCCO is a 18-months ESA project focusing on "Development and performance assessment of synergetic retrieval algorithms for near-surface concentrations of CH4 and CO from SWIR and IR passive remote sensing measurements for Earth and Mars atmospheres".

The consortium is led by J. Chimot at NOVELTIS. It includes M. De Mazière's team at IASB-BIRA, J. Landgraf's team at SRON, P.-F. Coheur's team at ULB, M. Giuranna's team at IAPS and A.C. Vandaele's team at IASB-BIRA.

The study objectives are summarized here:

  • To specify the user requirements in terms of remote sensed Level 2 products (TIR and SWIR single measurements), derived from the user needs associated with clear applications for the two planets ;
  • To make a critical review of the already existing datasets and retrieval algorithms dedicated to CO and CH4 ;
  • To develop synergetic retrieval algorithms for deriving near-surface concentrations of CH4 and CO from SWIR and TIR passive remote sensing channels obtained by current and planned Earth and Mars satellite missions ;
  • To foster as much as possible the cross-fertilization between the Earth and planetary scientific expertise
  • To compare the usefulness and accuracy of the synergetic retrieval methods with the direct assimilation of SWIR and IR measurements in chemical transport models ;
  • To provide recommendations on the needs and specifications for co-located SWIR and IR measurements for the monitoring of near-surface CO and CH4 concentrations.
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