The goal of the RoadMap project (ROle and impAct of Dust and clouds in the Martian AtmosPhere) is to better understand the role and impact of dust and clouds on the Martian atmosphere. Although dust is present throughout the Martian atmosphere, its abundance and physical properties are still poorly defined.

Similarly, the impact of dust on the composition, structure and dynamics of the atmosphere is only beginning to be addressed. Specifically, accurate knowledge of the characteristics of dust and ice clouds is crucial for the interpretation of the remote sensing observations, both in the infrared and the ultraviolet spectral regions.

The RoadMap project employs an integrated scientific approach including; laboratory simulations, modelling of specific phenomena, analysis of space data and Global Circulation Modelling. This will improve our vision of the Martian atmosphere and provide a new generation of high-level data, increasing the science return of the past and current missions to Mars as well as shaping future planetary missions.


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