Planetary Atmospheres Group

2012 - 2015

HiResMIR is the acronym of the Groupement de Recherche International (GDRI) called "High resolution microwave, infrared and Raman molecular spectroscopy for atmospheric, planetological and astrophysical applications".

The aim of this "Groupement" is to promote the exchange of ideas between researchers of eight laboratories belonging to five countries (Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain). Each institute brings its own worldwide-recognized expertise, complementary to the other HiResMIR partners. Broadly, these expertises are of two natures, centered on Molecular Spectroscopy and its application in atmospheric, planetological and astrophysical research.

Some of the HiResMIR members (Aachen, Bruxelles-ULB, Madrid, Namur, and Paris) are experts in the generation of accurate reference spectroscopic information (such as positions, intensities and shapes of spectral lines) for molecules of atmospheric, planetological and astrophysical interest. For that purpose, they combine various experimental high-resolution spectroscopic techniques (microwave, infrared or Raman) with high-level theoretical treatments.

Other HiResMIR partners (Bologna and IASB-BIRA) are concerned with the detailed study of the Earth and planetary atmospheres using optical remote sensing techniques. They are therefore users of reference spectroscopic parameters.

The multidisciplinary activities of the partners of the HiResMIR GDRI are therefore strongly linked. However, interactions between these two kinds of expert groups occur on too rare occasions. Discussions and exchanges of ideas to be promoted by the HiResMIR GDRI is an opportunity to contribute to filling this gap.

Some activities.

An international thematic school has been organized in the framework of this project in Fréjus from 3 to 7 June 2013. HiResMIR@CAES-Frejus-2013 will focus on high-resolution spectroscopy and its application for investigating physical or chemical processes taking place in the atmosphere of the Earth and of other planets as well as in the interstellar media.

An international Summer School has been organized in Fréjus from 7 to 12 June 2015. SpecAtmos2015, which will focus on the “Spectroscopy and Physico-Chemistry of Planetary Atmospheres”. The International Summer School had a clearly defined and unique profile that will provide with interdisciplinary education (lectures, tutorials, conferences) in the following fields: Atmosphere radiative transfer, inversion, thermodynamics, dynamics, remote sensing; Physico-chemistry kinetics, laser techniques, simulation chambers; Spectroscopy intensities, line frequencies, line profile, IR techniques, databases

An international Summer School has been organized in Saint-Pierre d'Oléron from 11 to 14 June 2017, SPECATMOS2017. The school focused on the "Spectroscopy and Atmosphere: Measurements and Models" and was a 1-week program dedicated to outstanding and enthousiastic Master-PhD students and young researchers who want to acquire an interdisciplinary scientific culture from leading scientists..

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