Atmosphere of MarsBesides Earth, Mars might be the best known planet in our solar system. But does Mars resemble Earth? Where does the red colour come from? Can we breathe on Mars and what is its atmosphere made of? Is it hot on Mars? In sum, what are the most particular characteristics of planet Mars?


Mars explained

Atmosphere MarsMars surface characteristics have consequences for the Martian atmosphere
The absence of plate tectonics and the very little volcanic activity are important to understand why Mars has a far smaller greenhouse effect than Earth.

Due to a weak greenhouse effect the average temperature is about -63°C with huge differences between day and night.

Atmosphere MarsMars, atmosphere without ozone layer
The atmosphere of Mars does not have a protective ozone layer and contains 30 times less water vapour than Earth's atmosphere.

Short fact note on the temperature, diameter, pressure, mountains, gravitation, natural satellites and the elements that give Mars' atmosphere its red colour.

What type of water is found and what is the amount of water present in the atmosphere of Mars?


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