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The NOMAD and Planetary Aeronomy teams regularly organize conferences on Venus, Mars, planetology and the Belgian contribution to international projects, in particular to the ESA ExoMars programme.

Next conferences :

  • 09-05-2019 17:00-22:00 - NOMAD Event

    NOMAD Event

    We are delighted to invite you to a MARTIAN SPEED DATE with the scientists and engineers of the Royal Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy, on 9 MAY in the PLANETARIUM of Brussels.
    Participation in the event is FREE, but for practical reasons limited to a maximum of 100 people. Do you want to make sure you get a spot?
    REGISTER as soon as possible at the registration page

  • 24-04-2019 17:45-19:00 - NOMAD à bord de ExoMars TGO, les premiers résultats (en français)
    Ann Carine Vandaele will talk about the ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter mission, and the latest results obtained by the Belgian instrument NOMAD

Old conferences :

  • 26-03-2019 20:00-22:00 - Urania Volksterrenwacht
    Arianna Piccialli will talk about Exploring the atmospheres of terrestrial planets.
    The three terrestrial planets - Venus, Earth, and Mars - formed from the same ingredients in the circumstellar disk at about the same moment. Still, they evolved very differently and today only Earth is habitable and compatible with life such as we know it. While on Earth we observe a temperate climate, Venus experienced a runaway greenhouse while Mars seems to have lost most of its atmosphere. Understanding the main physical processes behind these different evolutionary paths is today more important than ever, both to understand the diversity of planets around other stars, and the future of climate on Earth.
  • 04-04-2019 9:30
    (in English) On Thursday 4 April 2019 at 4 p.m. the University of Antwerp will formally confer its honorary degrees on four eminent scientists and Nobel Peace Prize winner 2018 Dr Denis Mukwege. The ceremony will be preceded by master classes led by the honorary doctors.
    Ann Carine Vandaele will give the introductory lesson on Space exploration of Venus, Mars and beyond using (relatively) high resolution infrared spectroscopy .
    for more information, click here.
  • Cycle de cours - Académies des Sciences (en français) - Les Grandes questions de l'habitabitité de la Terre et des planètes:
    • Mer 20.2.2019 - L'habitabilité: conditions, évolutions, lien avec l'intérieur des planètes et perspectives des missions spatiales - V. Dehant
    • Mer 27.2.2019 - L'habitabilité: conditions, évolutions, lien avec l'atmosphère des planètes et perspectives des missions spatiales - A.C. Vandaele
    • Mer 13.3.2019 - L'habitabilité: que peuvent nous apprendre les premiers milliards d'années de la vie sur Terre, sur la possibilité de vie sur Mars ? - E. Javaux
    • Mer 20.3.2019 - L'habitabilité: au travers du prisme des météorites - V. Debaille
    • Mer 27.3.2019 - L'habitabilité: de la santé des astronautes d'une station spatiale à Mars - S. Baatout
    • Mer 07.4.2019 - L'habitabilité: des impacts de météorites à la compréhension de l'évolution - P. Claeys
  • 13-11-2018 19:00 - In the frame of 'Space Talks',K. Lefever will participate to an evening around Mars and NOMAD :ExoMars - BIRA op verkenning naar Mars
  • 13-10-2018 20:30 - Ann C Vandaele will give a talk during the 13eme Nuit des Etoiles, à Parentville - (en francais): NOMAD, un instrument belge à la conquête de Mars.
  • 28 to 30-09-2018 20:30 The Space Pole @Uccle hold Open Doors Days in September 2018.
  • 26-05-2018 14:00 - Eddy Neefs will give a talk during the 20st 'Ruimtevaart dag' van de Vereniging Voor Sterrenkunde (VVS) - (in het Nederlands)

    Belgisch instrument NOMAD begint onderzoek van de Marsatmosfeer.
    Veertien jaar na Mars Express is er opnieuw een Europese ruimtesonde aangekomen bij onze buurplaneet Mars. De Trace Gas Orbiter (TGO), het eerste luik van de prestigieuze dubbele ExoMars missie van ESA, werd op 14 maart 2016 met succes gelanceerd en is nu, twee jaar later, begonnen aan het wetenschappelijke luik van de missie. Aan boord van TGO is het instrument NOMAD dat bijna volledig in België werd ontwikkeld. In deze voordracht komt u alles te weten over ExoMars, wat er aan de lancering van TGO vooraf ging, hoe de reis naar Mars verliep en welk mysterie de Belgische wetenschappers op Mars hopen op te lossen.

  • 16-05-2018 19:00 - In the frame of 'Pint of Science', A.C. Vandaele will participate to an evening around Mars

    NOMAD at Mars: search for life ?
    NOMAD is a Belgian instrument on board the ESA mission ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter, which was launched in 2016. After one year of aerobraking used to reach the final circular orbit, NOMAD is now starting its measurements of the composition of the Martian atmosphere. The instrument will detect a long series of trace gases, but are these enough to detect life ?
    Where: at The Sister Brussels Cafe near Grand Place, Brussels


Material for schools and interested parties

Contact for more information on planetology and the Belgian contribution to the ExoMars project, or if you would like to organize a conference (in French, Dutch or English) on one of these subjects at your organisation, or school.


Exhibition at the Euro Space Center, Redu

10 March 2016

From beginning of March till end of August, a Mars Expo is organized in the Euro Space Center by the Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy. The ExoMars 2016 mission... more


IASB-BIRA participates in the worldwide observation of the Venus Transit (5-6 June 2012)

IASB-BIRA is involved in the Venus Express mission of ESA with the SOIR instrument. SOIR will be operated through out the complete duration of the transit of Venus and its observations will be compared to observations performed with instruments on Earth or with the Hubble Space Telescope.

Moreover, our scientists will observe the transit from the Svalbard Observatory (in Norway).

Mars Earth Venus

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